Spa Water Goes Down and Into Pool -- Issues With Diverter Valves and Jandy Aqualink RS System


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Feb 9, 2020
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Over this winter the Aqualink has started glitching maybe because of the cold weather. Program is set up normally to turn on pool filter and run during the day. Intermittently the sheer descents or spa mode, heater enable, etc. are being turned on and off. I have watched the automatic JVA 2444 valves switch to spa mode even thought the program is dictating pool mode. In order to control things I just went into service mode and will run things manually for now. However, it seems like my valve is now maybe stuck in spa mode and will not go back to pool side. I have played with the toggle switch and tried to move the handle by hand but am afraid it will break or is frozen. I bought a new one and it seems like it can be pressed down and move so I may just change it out. But frankly I am not sure which value is the intake and which is the return. In the attached picture the valve that has been moving when I go to spa mode is the one that now appears stuck. My current real problem is when I turn on either mode water starts to go into the spa but yet the spa empties out. And now overnight it goes down to level with the pool even with the equipment off. I thought it was the check valve which I had an issue with years ago and seemed to solve the problem with the spa emptying. But now I think the valves are screwed up and check valve is probably good since I have replaced it twice. I know eventually I might need the Aqualink board replaced but for now I just want to be able to filter both spa and pool without these issues.




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Jul 7, 2014
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When it gets cold, the automation system should go into freeze mode which will alternately turn on the pool mode and then the spa mode to keep the water flowing in both sets of pipes.. Generally this starts happening at about 38 degrees..

Are you sure this is not the cause of your problem??


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