Spa water flowing out and temperature high


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May 22, 2021
Hi Friends,

I got new pool but the pool builder ran away almost in the end stage, now I am on my own.
I do have Spa with 6 by 6 ft dimensions with depth of 3 feet and 6 jets(2 on each side) with spillover to the swimming pool on 4th side.

I have few questions related to Spa.
1. Do we ever run Spa in the Pool mode? It is projecting water at high speed and water goes out of the spa when I run in the Pool Mode.
2. If I run the Spa in the Spa mode, the pool is not getting hot water and the Pool temperature is getting reduced. Is it possible to balance both Pool and Spa temperature as using both at same time?
2. Temperature of the Spa seems higher than Pool in Pool Mode. is there a way to control independent?

Basically I want to use Pool and Spa at the same time as kids using Pool and I want to use Spa at the same time, is it possible to maintain temperature in both Pool and Spa and also jets running in the Spa.

Thanks for your advice.


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Jul 21, 2013
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You have the pool and the spa supported by one pump, filter, and heater. Valves switch the equipment between the two. You can only heat one or the other at a time. Unless you run your spa spillover to keep the pool and spa both running together.

Post pics of your equipment and show us how your builder set you up.
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