Spa system installed incorrectly. Help needed to fix


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Apr 6, 2017
Hi all, new to the forum but from what i have read there are some very smart pool people using the site. I apologise upfront for the long post but it is a little complicated. I have recently had a pool and spa built (details in signature). Pool is great but the builder obviously knew nothing about spa's. He has installed 8 wall venturi jets, but unfortunately instead of air being sucked in through the air valves, water is squirting out of them. First point is that he only installed 4 valves for eight jets. From the reading i have done it should be 1 valve per jet? second problem is that the jets were installed to close to the bench and as such he chiseled out some concrete, installed a bend and raised them, but could only use 20mm pipe. So now not only is there a bend to slow the water flow but also a pipe reduction from 40 to 20. It is our guess that this is what is causing the Venturi system to not work as the back pressure caused by the reduction is forcing the water back up the air vent.
Assuming we can do nothing about the current plumbing as it is in concrete, is there a way to aerate the water going to the jets at an earlier stage in the line? back near the pump is where I can access pipes.


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Aug 10, 2012
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I don't know about moving venturis back to the equipment pad. But, one thing does come to mind. Sometimes during construction debris gets into the plumbing and when the pump is started the debris gets stuck behind the jets. I would try removing all the jets and flushing out the lines first. Some jets require a special removal tool.