Spa Spillover Repair


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Jun 2, 2019
So the marble spillover sill from the spa to the pool is basically being eaten away. Probably because we have kept the chlorine basket in the spa. I would like to replace it. The job seems simple enough. Lower the water level so the spillover is dry. Gently tap and persuade the sill off with hammer and chisel. Clean up surface area. Make sure it is dry. Cut new sill to size. Add bonding agent, and level the sill. Allow to cure. Raise water level and test strength.

My questions:
1) Anyone see any fault in my approach?
2) Any tips on getting the old sill out easier?
3) What to hold the new sill down with? Thinset? EZ Patch? Something else?
4) Any other useful advice?


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Jul 21, 2013
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Can you clarify what you mean by properly grout the joints? I would suppose to bevel them to keep any water from leaking past.
  • Use epoxy grout
  • apply according to manufacturers specifications
  • leave sufficient cure time before submersing in water
  • check that there are no shrinkage cracks after the grout cures
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