Spa overspill making me Want to end my Life!


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May 17, 2017
Grosse Ile,Mi
Just moved into this home a couple months ago - 13x26 fiberglass with fiberglass spa overflow- pointless to even have the spa...anyway I have put a caulk line under it already and have turned up the return to spa and the best spill over return I can get is still running back along bricks and under spa moving my concrete and pavers. I have placed a rubber fish drying mat under the spill over which finally has made the water stop from going on bricks and ruining patio. Now what am I going to do?



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Sep 22, 2015
Bixby, Ok
Can you replace the spillway with one that has a longer bottom edge? The one you have looks too short.


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Aug 29, 2016
Land O Lakes, FL
If the water is running back your spillway is angled towards the spa. You don't really have many options. You have to determine if the spillway can be repositioned. If you can reposition than make sure it has a negative slope towards the pool.
If you can't reposition the spillway I would get a piece of square hollow PBC and cut it to make two "L" angles. Attach one of the pieces to the bottom of the spillway. The edge attached to the spillway needs to be pointing towards the spa.

When the water rolls back it will hit the angle and go into the pool.

You might have to play with different size angles to determine which one will work the best.