Spa light tripping GFI


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Apr 4, 2017
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My spa light trips the GFI. I can turn on my main pool light with no issues, but as soon as I turn the spa light on it trips. I've taken the light out of the spa and opened it up. There was a bit of moisture inside (dryed/cleaned with a few Q-tips).
  1. Only main pool light on - no issue
  2. Main pool light on. Spa light on - tripped GFI
  3. Only spa light on - tripped GFI
  4. Spa light after cleaning & drying. Put the bulb back in. No cover. Casing dry & above water - tripped GFI
  5. Took bulb out. No cover. Casing dry & above water - tripped GFI
  6. Replaced bulb. No cover. Casing dry & above water - tripped GFI
There are no obvious cracks and the wire into the light housing is tight.

I'm guessing I have to replace the whole light which also seems like an issue. Currently, the light doesn't even reach the pool deck. I've tried to see if I have any extra wire in the conduit but I can't pull anymore out. It seems as if the installers put a knot in the wire right before the housing in the niche. I guess I might be able to pull from the junction box instead.

Thanks in advanced for all suggestions!


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Check that there is no moisture at the junction box. Disconnect the light wires at the junction box and turn on the spa light and see if breaker holds. That will conform problem is within spa light or wiring.
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