Spa light gasket leaking. Unable to buy replacement parts. Suggestions please?


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Jun 5, 2020
Las Vegas
I have the Hayward ColorLogic LED light in both my pool and spa. The spa one started letting in water and kept popping the breaker. I took the light apart and dried it out, cleaned the gasket and put it back together. The gasket had algae on and it was slightly warped. It worked great for almost a month. When I turned it on after a month it blew out again. I contacted Hayward and Inyo for new gaskets. Apparently this is sealed model and they don't offer any replacement parts. It came right apart pretty easily with just a few screws so that statement from them seems odd. My question is since I cant buy a new gasket for this model where can I go to find similar gaskets? Also maybe I continue using the gasket but could someone recommend some sort of really good underwater rated gasket sealant that I can use with the old gasket to get a really tight and permanent seal? Also I was wondering if maybe the screw holes in the plastic molding just aren't holding the screws as tight after many years as they used to. I don't want to overtighten and possibly strip the plastic housing. Is there something that I can put into the screw holes to create some sort of base where I could tighten down the screws a little tighter? The plastic housing has part number stamped on it but google have returned 0 results for that part number. I have included pictures of the entire unit disassembled. Id like to know what would be the best way to put this back together but make it so air tight that I wont have to worry about it for at least a couple years?



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Nov 16, 2020
Spring, TX
For the gasket, you could probably lay a bead of clear silicone and seal it up. Be a little tougher to take apart next time though ;)

For the screws, your best bet may be to install brass keyserts.


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Jul 3, 2013
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