Spa light flickering after Pentair 5G install

Geno Ham

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Jul 5, 2020
Sewell NJ
Just had a Pentair Intelibright 120v 5G installed and existing LED spa light is now flickering, (non Pentair 120v Incandescent housing) they are in series with one power switch
Also Pentair is not operating the way it should it does change colors after flipping switch off and on pre-designated times but doesn’t seem to work all the time not crisp changes as excepted
Could this be that they are not compatible And I need to move the switch pass the spa light to only control the Pentair intelibright 5G
I am planning on changing the bulb to a Pentair 120v LED color bulb if I can get the gasket for the original PAC Tel housing
An help would be greatly appreciate it thanks in advance


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Welcome to TFP.

Lights flickering could be a bad connection or corrosion anywhere in the light circuit or switch. Can’t say more without seeing how things are wired.

The 5G light color changing depends on seeing crisp voltage pulses. The other light or your flickering problem could be interfering with it.