Spa keeps turning off & on, also heat won't come on


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Jul 2, 2010
I have large inground spa. 2 weeks ago I drained and cleaned and now it does not work right. It just keeps turning off and on and just ignores the timer. The motor makes a loud clicking noise when this happens and feel hot to the touch. I turned off the whole thing last week to stop this from happening and when i tried to turn it back on I had to prime the pump. Today it stopped almost completely and all I can see is from one of the jets is just a small stream coming out.
The heater is fairly new as it was replaced about 4 or 5 years ago. I have it turned up to max but it only registers at 89 degrees. I thought it was working before I turned it to max as water felt slightly warm, but I guess since it is 112 degrees outside this is why it is at 89. The heater did this a year ago and we tried to light pilot light but Jandy says I have the kind you never have to light.
I hope there is simple solution as I cannot afford to have someone fix for me.
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