Spa-Jets, Any problem using pool pump and diverter rather than a dedicated pump??


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Mar 17, 2014
Albq. NM, United States
Our builder did not put in a split safety drain for the spa-jet pump and I am very uncomfortable with that. The pool pump is shared with the pool and, of course, both suction and supply switch to the spa when in spa mode and THAT suction does have a split safety drain. I have come up with the idea of eliminating the dedicated spa-jet pump and instead using the pool pump with a diverter. When we want the spa-jets on just divert a portion or all of the water from the spa return to the jets. Our pool pump is a Pentair VS and will have automation with spa side control and we cold program how much the diverter turns to jets as well as pump speed to get the jet effect we want. Is that something that would work or is there an inherent (or any) problem with doing that? I really DON'T want to use the spa suction line that is not plumbed as a split safety drain and this not only seems to get around that but also seems as if it would give me more control. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as they will be plumbing all of this very soon. Sorry if this is redundant, I also posted it in a post about my concerns on the spa-jet suction lacking a safety split. Thanks!
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