Spa/Jet pump conundrum - Older Aqualink and 2.0 HP pump dying?


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Nov 14, 2015
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The Jet Therapy pump for our spa is pretty much done. (it runs, but there is very littler output at the jets, so assuming pump just can't generate the needed pressure. The pump label mostly missing, but I think it's a single speed 2.0 HP Jandy PHPF2.0
We have an Aqualink RS8 from 2007, Model 8156 Revision MMM. I'm not clear if I can do a firmware update, or if, to have an automation system that works with variable speed pumps, I would have to do automation equipment upgrades?

I'm reading that in just a couple months, I won't be able to get single speed pumps over 1 HP, and we're trying to decide if we fix this now, and if so, how.

Other factors that play in: We don't use the spa, as a spa. The spa heater has never worked, and all the nozzles/return eyes are missing. We don't have any near-term plans to address either. We just keep the water circulating so it's clean and not stagnant in pipes. If we replace the therapy jet pump with a 1 HP pump now, then it sounds like we may not ever be able to get a 2 HP single speed. Our cleaner pump is dead (1HP Single Speed) but that's okay for now, because we are missing a bunch of in floor cleaner pieces, but were thinking to try to get it running in the next 3 years. Our Filter pump, appears to be okay for now, but same age as others. For clarity, the filter pump died last year, and since the cleaner pump was the same size and still worked, we swapped them, so we have a working filter pump and dead cleaner pump.

We are low-key pool owners. Pool has "fancy" stuff, because it came with the house (broken and missing all the pieces).

I see my options as this - we have to buy Jandy, I guess, because of automation compatibility issues (or so I understand).

1) Buy a 2 HP single speed pump to replace current one, and kick the can down the road on upgrading the automation
2) Buy a 1 HP single speed pump, kicking the can down the road for automation, but definitely closing the door to having the spa work as designed until there's a pool overhaul with new automation, etc.
3) Upgrade automation now, AND buy a new VS pump?

Suggestions, thoughts?


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May 3, 2007
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Single speed pumps generally do not slow down. They run at full speed or don't run at all. It sounds like you may have a different issue such as clog in the lines or maybe the impeller. Have you inspected the impeller?

You can also flush the spa lines by removing the outer jet fittings and the inner jet nozzles then running the pump.
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