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Aug 1, 2010
Hi there,

So I was struggling with my new spa for the first month. Couldnt keep the chemicals balanced at all, it would turn green super fast, etc etc etc. So I decided it was best to use Ah-Some, drain it and start over. So I did.

Now I am not having any issue with balancing the chemistry but now I am having a strong chemical smell and after getting out my skin smells like chlorine. This smell was not present at all prior to this current drain/refill.

The spa is bromine.

Also whenever I test my PH seems to drift upwards each day. Is this normal? I ditched the frog cartridges that came with my spa and am now using a floater with 3 tablets and open as much as it opens. My water tests are:

PH - 7.6 (although it it usually 7.8+ each time I test it and I have to put dry acid in to bring it back down)
Bromine - 2-3ppm
Alk - 100ppm

Any thoughts on the smell? Is it normal?

Only thing I did differently this time vs last time when I started it up was that the spa came with a random packet of "Spa Starter" that I dumped in when putting in the frog cartriges. This time I just used sodium bromine to get it started at 30ppm and actived it with oxidizer shock.



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Jun 7, 2017
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I am not familiar at all with Bromine but if you are smelling Chlorine that usually means it is busy breaking down some nasty stuff.

At least I'll give you a bump here though!


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Aug 10, 2012
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Mine smells more chlorine-y as the CYA breaks down. Maintain at least 20-30 ppm of CYA and the chlorine smell should go away.


Aug 1, 2010
Thanks for the reply. I'm using bromine not chlorine. I thought with bromine CYA didn't apply.

The smell isn't bad. Just stays on you after you get out. Wasn't this way before I drained. But then again I drained because I couldn't keep it sanitized so maybe lack of smell was lack of sanitizer.