Spa Care vs Pool Care?


Jul 8, 2019
Denver, CO
I think this is my first post! My pool guy of 4 years and I are having a mutual break-up. It's further than he wants to drive and I'm ready to take over the weekly care and have one less bill to pay. Today will be his last visit.

I've been reading over the site quite a bit over the last few days and I think I have a decent understanding. I've got the TF test kit and I've been practicing testing. I'm in Colorado so we closed our pool over a month ago so, for now, I'm just going to be maintaining our spa. It's an above-ground fiberglass model about 400 gal.

Most of the reading I've done seems to be geared towards pools so my first question is what differences if any should I be aware of for maintaining my spa? My pool guy uses tablets in the pool and spa which I've gathered isn't preferred for most situations but since our pool is drained halfway at the end of the season and he drains our spa occasionally I'm guessing that's how the CYA added by the tablets is managed.