Southeastern Mass PB - Steel Wall Vinyl Liner


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Apr 11, 2014
Looking for PB recommendations in Southeastern MA to build/design steel wall pool with vinyl liner. Wrentham, MA.
Looking for feedback to see if a $40k budget is realistic to install 18 x 36 vinyl pool with cost efficient decking and fencing
Not expecting any major excavation issues as we have a wide open area.
Any feedback appreciated.


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Sep 6, 2013
Nashville, TN
That's what the quotes in my area came in at for similar sized pool with upgraded pump, cartridge filter and swg, and about 800sg ft of deck

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Apr 27, 2013
Central Massachusetts
We had that same budget, but in the end we ended up spending more. We probably could have kept it to that if we eliminated the heat pump, SWG and reduced the decking down from 850 sq ft. We didn't want to cut too many corners though. Don't forget you'll want to spend some money on patio furniture and possible landscaping after the pool and deck are done!