South FL small pool - is it worth it?


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Jul 19, 2020
So with covid and us spending so much time at home I thought of putting in a pool. I grew up with a pool and when I bought the house I had the idea of putting in a small pool maybe one day. So the past few weeks I've spent getting 3 quotes, which has been tough in itself. Some local builders flat out told me they weren't interested in a small pool. The pool would be roughly 20x10 or 19x9.5 depending on zoning. Am I crazy for spending 39k for a pool this size? I won't have much of a deck, but a small area for seating. I don't have a family house, but more of a detached town house with an interesting back yard. No kids, and this house isn't for kids. Starter home or retirement home. More retirement since its priced out of the range for most starters.

I haven't found a builder that even seems interested as they're all so busy, and I feel they are just out to make a quick buck. Its not a luxury or resort style pool that will fetch 80k.


20x10 pool up to 4'6-4'11
Travertine/Marble deck with infinity edge deck coping
Pentair .75hp pump
LED Color light
Pentair SWG
electric, skimmer, 3 returns, 1 skimmer
deck drain and other costs with building (eg; permits, removal of dirt )
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Jun 16, 2019
Welcome guest !! People are turning to 700 gallon stock tanks this year more than ever. 10X20 is huge by comparison. There are many yards and budgets that dictate a project and as long as you like what your budget can do to your yard........ have at it and never look back.
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Dec 31, 2019
Houston, Texas
That’s plenty large enough to cool off and enjoy. I have a pretty huge, long pool (65’ long) but spend 90% of my time right in middle 1/3, which is around 20’ long x 16’ wide. If you want a sanity check on the size, put some markers in your yard to mark the corners of where the pool would go so that you can envision the size. If it fits your budget and need, I say go for it.


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Jul 19, 2020
I found a neighbor with a similar size pool. I think it will of decent size, we wont have much deck / patio but its enough room for us to sit out and enjoy.

How does the LED Color light change colors?
Should I be looking at any further automation? Possibly for the pump or SWG? Maybe some other type of tester? I know they make wireless timers (Wion)
Has anyone installed hydro jets or massage jets on a pool?


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Oct 18, 2009
Jacksonville, FL
Our pool aka Spool, social pool is 10 x 20 and it is plenty of pool for us. We are so blessed that we have one as we use it a lot, every weekend and during the week. Lots of advantages include use of less chemicals, Heat a lot faster. Look at the thread in my sig bar to get some ideas. Hope this helps :cheers:
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