South Central KY old time pool owner focused on minimizing algae clean-up for opening


Jun 22, 2013
Bowling Green KY
Hey members--
Please comment on the following pool opening plan. (I am old and NOT sensitive to constructive criticism, but I am CHEAP): Thanks.

First - pool vinyl liner is 19 yrs old and is bleached as much as it can be. Too cheap to replace it because no major leaks (fingers crossed!).
Second - After closing pool and lowering water level below returns with winter safety cover installed last Sept., I kept free chlorine at 8 - 12 ppm over winter by periodically adding liquid 10% chlorine. Water circulation (albeit minimal) manufactured by submersible pump with 12-ft garden hose with plastic power spray nozzle which oscillated in a sweeping motion back and forth near the bottom of the pool floor.
Third - water, at about half depth, is clear. But of course there is dead algae on bottom in shallow end which is farthest from the reach of the submersible pump and hose.
Fourth - water temp is currently 48-52 degrees F.
Fifth - today's (3/22/19) chemistry readings are:
FC - 10.0
Ph - 7.2
TA - 50
CYA - less than 15
Water temp - 48 deg. F
Sixth - I am adding tap water to pool to bring level up to skimmers.

Proposed Plan:
Once skimmer level is reached, pump will be started and allowed to run continuously.
Robot pool cleaner will periodically operate underneath the installed safety cover. (Purpose is to keep out debris from flowering trees and such until comfortable water temp for humans is achieved: 75 deg for grandkids; 88-90 degrees for adult children.) (NOTE: All possible surrounding natural growth of trees & shrubs has been cut down. Unfortunately, spouse does not permit more cutting.)

BEFORE I use SLAMMING technique, which chemistry levels should I use and in what order should I balance?
I also use skimmer socks and minimal DE medium to aid in my opening.

Pool really doesn't get human use until mid- May at the earliest.

Thank you for comments and tips!!

Old man who hasn't been in his pool for 9-10 years, but enjoys others using it!


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
As a CYA of 15 is not measurable, I assume that is a guess.

When you are ready to get the pool water in shape and manage on a daily basis, Add 20 ppm of CYA via the sock method. Assume you have 30 ppm in the water and SLAM Process. Follow the procedure. Test CYA after a few days. Adjust your SLAM level FC as necessary.

Eventually raise your CYA to 40-50 ppm and follow the FC/CYA chart.


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Thank you mknauss! I am guessing that in Nevada, your pool is running 24/7/365 every year.
No, it cools too much from November to April. I am thinking of using a solar cover and our heater this spring to make it usable a bit earlier. I do maintain the pool water chemistry all winter, and keep it clean.