Sorry, I have a few more questions...


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Jun 20, 2008
North Carolina
I am sorry, I know I have a lot of questions...I just don't want to harm my pool in anyway.

1) The BBB method is okay for above ground liner pools? It won't harm the liner?

2) Using the BBB method, I don't have to buy cholorine tabs and floater to put them in?

3) Is there a FAQ or user guide so I know where to start? How do I know how much to add?

Thanks for your patience, I know I can be a pain!!


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May 29, 2008
SE Michigan
As AnnaK said, go to the Pool School link at the right side of the title bar on top. Also look at the Newsletters Archive in the same area and read the May 2008 newsletter. It further explains BBB.

Read as much as possible, ask questions and get the TF-100 test kit through this site (it's the BEST kit I've seen for the price and worth every penny). It won't be long before you understand BBB and will be glad you did.

I use The Pool Calculator for all of my adjustments.

If your water chemistry goes astray on you there are many experienced people (I hope to be one some day) to help you get back on track. You can "search" (make this function your friend) the posts for problems or questions you have.

Good luck, you're in good company here.