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Aug 3, 2020
Florida Panhandle
My family and I are planning to put in a 20x40 vinyl liner pool around Feb/Mar 2021. We are going with the composite walls, standard shallow end with an 8' deep end, and plan on using a saltwater system. Also, the liner will more than likely be one that is not too dark, more of a medium. The pool is stated to be 28,557 gallons and the pump and all the hardware will be about 10-15' away from the deep end. With that being said, I would like to hear everyone's input regarding the following subjects that I need help deciding on:

1) How many returns? 3 come with the pool, should I put in 4....5...?
2) Lights.... I am struggling in this area because I want to get it right. I know I want colored LED lights, but will lights like the "Kelo", "Microbrite", and other similar size lights be able to do the job? I am thinking I would need 4-5 along the long side of the pool. Does this sound right? Do I need one specifically for the deep end? I am concerned about the deep end and those smaller sized lights being able to reach across the 20' span of the pool.
3) Pump.... I want to go with a variable speed pump.... is it worth the extra money?
4) Filter.... I've been looking at the Hayward Perflex DE filter...... Is it worth the money versus a suitable sand filter?

I know this is a lot of questions, but I know I only get one chance to get this right and I have 3 kids depending on me to provide them with an awesome pool. I look forward to the feedback and suggestions. Thanks in advance!!


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
How do you plan to chlorinate?
The VS pump is a great plan. The filter, I would recommend a large cartridge filter. 400 SF at least. You should then only need to clean it once or twice a year. Your pool will be open year around so keeping it algae free will be easy.


Aug 3, 2020
Florida Panhandle
My wife has been adamant on a saltwater system...... softer skin, no green hair... that type of thing. I really don't know much about the salt systems, I have read that they don't last too terribly long which has me concerned considering their cost. To answer your question, I am undecided as far as chlorinating the pool. Your thoughts?


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Jun 5, 2011
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My salt cells last around 5-6 years, on average. I’m on my 3rd and in my 13th year of ownership. The thing I like most is that I don’t have to maintain anything to keep my chlorine levels right where I want them. I usually add salt once or twice a year. Super easy! And yes, the water feels great, but you can add salt to any pool and get the same soft water feel.