Some pool-closing questions - type of cover, etc.


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Jun 29, 2017
Augusta Township, Michigan
Hello all,

We have an above-ground, oval pool (18' x 33'). The pool is completely surrounded by a deck that is 48" high, with no room to get a cover in between so for the three years we've been here, we've closed the pool like it's an inground pool. We used a 20' x 40' cover purchased at our local pool store, then drained the pool down per the instructions I've found here, dipped the cover down to the top of the water and then lined the edge with water bags. Once it was set, we then used the hose to put a little water back on the cover to help hold it down.

The biggest issue we face is wind - our property backs up to farmland and there are no trees around, the wind gets under the deck and then under the cover. Every few days, I have to go and tuck the edge back under a water bag and adjust the cover and in some instances, try to fish a bag out that was pulled into the pool. I think we end up getting more dirt and debris than we normally would, just because of the wind. I would love to be able to close it and then not really worry about it blowing off, coming loose, or knocking water bags into the pool.

The cover we used was rather cheap but lasted three years before we had to toss it after opening in the spring, so as of right now I don't have a cover at all.

My first plan was to get another 20' x 40' cover, do the same thing as we've been doing but then use the grommet holes and sort of weave a long cable through the grommets and under (and then back over) the deck boards to try and keep the edges in place, then line it with water bags for added weight. However, I see a few problems with this, and I'm not sure it would end up being any better.

After looking on this site and elsewhere, I'm wondering if I should go with a mesh cover. Or if there is some other sort of cover/process I should use?

Regardless of which way, does anyone have a recommendation on the best place to purchase a cover, preferably online?


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Mar 27, 2019
I don't really have a recommendation for your wind problems as I could see how that would be difficult elevated on a deck. I have seen people use 2x6 lumber to screw the grommets on the tarp into the wood to keep it in place but on a concrete pool deck, not elevated. Try the idea of the nylon rope weaved in between your deck boards before trying to screw the grommets to your deck so you don't have a bunch of holes. I don't use the vinyl water bags anymore because they freeze and then I have to throw away half of them in spring due to holes. I now use sand bags to hold my tarp in place and I have the bags made for canopy tents which have handles and are easy to move around.

As for a tarp, I wouldn't really plan for it lasting more than 3 years. I haven't had one tear but get lots of tiny holes each year. If you are looking for something more durable, you can get a pool safety cover but the cost will be much higher, which is why I just spend ~$250 every 3 years on a new tarp.

I think I bought mine last year from Tarps Plus and bought the super heavy duty silver/black.