Some jets not working Imperial Monarch by Jacuzzi

Dec 8, 2014
Hi, Our Imperial Monarch Spa from Jacuzzi is exactly 10 years old and has given us relatively problem free use. It was last drained a few months ago and used a dozen times since. Last night when I was in it all the jets seemed to be working initially. After moving to another side after 10 minutes I noticed that one jet in the middle of one side was not working. I adjusted the jet nozzle in and out as well as turned on and off the jets switch for that side all to no avail. Than I went back to the other side and found all of the jets on that side no longer working. I repeated the procedure for those jets on that side with no luck. Any trouble shooting tips that you can share will be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 3, 2014
Peoria, IL
The one isolated jet that was not working could be an internal on that jet that went bad.

The whole side sounds like a pump or fuse for the pump gone bad or blown.

Is it a 2 pump tub? Mine (not Jacuzzi) has 2 pumps. One 2 speed pump runs thru the heater and to one side of the tub. The other is a single speed pump that goes to the other inside of the tub.

I assume that side has worked since you did your drain/refill?

Do you hear a click when you hit the button to turn that side on or no?

If it is a single speed pump I wonder if you had a gate valve under the tub that failed and slammed shut? Not likely but have seen stranger things.

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