Some Jandy Valve questions


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Apr 8, 2009
south of Atlanta
1. Instructions say to use CPVC glue. OK. Do I use the purple primer as well?

2. Must I use the inlet as the "inlet" ?? or can it flow both ways? Another thread talks about reversing the cleaner line for various types of cleaners (pressure and suction). I'd like to try that, so I have a 3-way Jandy Never Lube valve that I want to hook up the "inlet" to the cleaner line and one "output" to the pump and the other "output" to the return line. Will it work?


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May 7, 2007
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The inlet can't be turned off. And if you turn off the port the pump is connected to it is bad for the pump (though not the end of the world). Thus, the pump is normally connected to the inlet. If you hook it up some other way it will still work as long as you set the handle somewhere appropriate and don't mind that the inlet can't be turned off.

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