SOLVED! Found parts for old, Anthony Pools Model 20 Light


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May 29, 2017
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Hi folks:

Just thought I would post this here as I couldn't find a definitive answer when I was searching for this.

I've got a 40 year old pool with an Anthony Pools Model 20 light. I've been trying to change the bulb and replace the gasket for a while, but couldn't find any information on the "Model 20" light. The only thing that comes up when searching online is the "Model 30" light.

For 2 years, I avoided doing anything with my light because I didn't want to get it apart only to find out the "model 30" parts weren't the right size, etc. But after doing some extensive research, I can confirm that the Anthony Model 30 gasket, lenses, and R40 bulbs listed on several sites are the correct size and work great.

I purchased my parts from INYOpools here Anthony Pool Light Model #30 Parts -

But there are other sources as well.

Anyway..just wanted to get this on the site so others with the same issue will have confidence these gaskets, lenses, and bulbs work. Unfortunately those are the only spare parts offered today. But at least they are the right ones!


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Jul 21, 2013
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Thanks for sharing. Good to know.