Solution: Wall Vacuum Port Hose Adapter for Standard Size 1.5" Pool Vacuum Hose - (for Manual Vacuuming)


May 15, 2018
Queen Creek, AZ
I searched everywhere and could not find a clear answer. Seems so simple!! Pool Builder equipped our pool with an in-wall dedicated vacuum port with Hayward part # W400BLGP. I have an in-floor cleaning system so I plan to clean manually only when necessary. When I tried to plug in the male side of the hose into the vacuum port I realized both the male and female side have identical Inside Diameter (ID) and Outside Diameter (OD) specs. The male doesn't fit into the female fittings!

It seems these standard wall ports only fit the male side of a hose that is slightly smaller than 1.5". I have never purchased an automatic or robotic sweeper but my guess is they come with their own hoses that slightly taper down the outside diameter (to slightly smaller than 1.5") the male end for the wall vacuum port fit these wall ports described above. Maybe I'm crazy and totally wrong........who knows.

Anyway, for those of you looking for a quick, simple, cheap solution... Hayward AXV092 Automatic Pool Cleaner Hose Connector is what allowed me to connect my US Pool Supply 1.5"x36' Hose to the existing wall port. Only thing that would be better is if it the wall port safety flap could still hold the hose in place. Maybe somebody else has a solution for that!?!?