Solution for non-priming pumps fountain for inground pool


Aug 2, 2020

I just put a deposit down for a ultimate 35' fiberglass pool. I'm planning to add fountain as I described here: Dry land water fountain on deck next to pool

My plan is to have a tanning ledge like this with fountain inside and few deck jets.

I'm trying to figure out how I can supply water to my fountain.

I want to have few fountain and few deck jets. The only difference is that instead of the typical pool setup where the jet is supplied by the primed pool pump, each of my water feature jet will use an individual controllable pump that is not primed.

I have few ideas on where to put the non-priming pump:
1. submerge the pumps in the tanning ledge and running plumbing to to deck jet. The downside is that I have bunch (10+) of ugly submerged pumps in the tanning ledge and makes it unusable for splashing.
2. Somehow Dig a hole in the ground and put a water tank underneath

Any other better solution?


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May 20, 2020
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I like your concept and design. Maybe I am not fully following your concern. It appears your fountain is flowing back into the pool. I have a waterfall (just replace that as your tanning ledge with fountains & deck jets). It has suction from the pool (it looks like a main drain but is located on a side wall), goes to the equipment pad where I have a 1 1/2hp single speed dedicated pump, and returns to the waterfall. It is a completely separate circulation path from the main filter & pump for the pool. It stays primed 100% of the time.
I would think you can do the same but your return may be multiple pipes (I only have 1 for the waterfall) that would allow you to independently control flow back to the tanning ledge and to the deck jets that are in it.
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