Solid Safety Covers and Dirt


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Apr 21, 2020
Apex, NC
I'm in the first year of use for a solid safety cover. For the previous 13 years, I had a mesh cover which allowed water to flow through into the pool. This also allowed fine dirt to enter the pool. Now with the solid cover, this fine dirt ends up on top of the cover. With the sag in the cover from the pool cover pump, a muddy puddle is forming in the center. What is the best method to clean this up? Right now my first thoughts is to walk out onto the cover with a hose, add water to the puddle, keep the water stirred, and then let the pump remove all the diluted muddy water. I won't get it perfectly clean but will reduce the quantity of dirt residing on top of the cover.

Other thoughts?


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Jan 17, 2012
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We have an autocover, and when it gets dirty a strong stream from the hose and little soapy water brushed with a push broom is what Skippy uses. Then on the final rinsing he lets the cover pump remove that last bit of water.

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