Puy Robin

Aug 8, 2020
Poitou-Charentes France
I will be starting our pool renovation at the end of summer when the weather is a little cooler, note a big pool 6mx4m. I intended to fiber-glass it so it will be a good time to add a solar heater take-up point where is the best place to draw the water from and where to site the return? Also what are you guys using in the way of solar heating would be great to see some photos of what you have done.



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Jun 5, 2016
Martinez, CA
Normally it‘s plumbed in after the filter to prevent plugging any of the small holes used to distribute the water even
y in the solar panel header. Search for vortex solar panels and the store selling these kits has a Good document on proper design and installation. As to return, it normally goes into the return piping to the pool and is distributed that way. we had 2 deep heat return pipes installed so some water goes into the bottom of the pool for more even heating.
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