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Apr 21, 2017
Hello :)
Hi Neighbors :)
I have a Pentair solar touch attached to a Pentair Intelliflow pump. Everything seems to be functioning but the warm water isn't being returned to the pool :( The actuator automatically turns the solar on about 5 minutes after the pump comes on and it stays on until the pump shuts off. The solar touch is on, enabled, and responding to temperature adjustments. I turned on one of the solar drainage faucets to ensure that the water was going up to the roof. It was, and it came out very warm. Usually, when the pool is heating, my waterfalls and jets are warm. However, they are not and the temp of the pool is not changing.
This happened last year and the company that installed it came out while I wasn't home and said it was a simple fix. Unfortunately, I don't know what they did and I'm having trouble getting them to come out again...
any suggestions?


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May 19, 2010
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The only way for water to be flowing with the solar valve on, but not getting warm water is if there is maybe a bypass valve between the solar supply and return pipes preventing water from running through the panels?

Got any pictures?


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Aug 10, 2012
Re: Pentair Solar help!

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If the solar valve is opening and the pump speed is ramping up then it sounds like it is working correctly. What does it say the solar temp is? What speed does the pump run when solar is on? Post a pic or two of your plumbing and maybe we can see something.