Solar pills, anyone?


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Jun 8, 2010
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I am just finishing up switching my baqua pool to chlorine, so we're throwing out our old solar cover and starting fresh.

In the meantime, I bought an item called a "Solar Pill," It's a little ball that floats in the skimmer and slowly releases a chemical that will help in holding the water temperature. I used one a few years back in conjunction with my solar cover to help maintain the temperature during the day.. and it seemed to do a decent job. We're going to try using it for a few weeks before deciding if we want to get a new solar cover.

I'm wondering if there are any chemicals out there similar to the stuff that's in the Solar Pill?


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May 7, 2007
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There are several products that work on the same principals as the Solar Pill, but none of them are very effective. Some people report getting a degree or two, but most people notice no benefit at all from the chemical based "solar blankets". They work by forming a thin layer on the top of the water the prevents evaporation. However, even a tiny amount of wind will disrupt the surface layer and allow evaporation anyway.


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Jun 22, 2010
Maybe I am deluding myself by using them. It is hard with weather variability etc to know if they are making any (much difference). A controlled experiment with two indentical pools side by side would be great.

Previously I had used HeatSavr - which did seem to give some benefit for me. The manufacturer of HearSavr has some data on effectiveness on there web site here When I used it I bought the liquid - the fish (both versions) never seemed to deliver the liquid correctly.

In my case the pool is in a sheltered location and I don't run the pump at night (I have solar panels) - so the water surface is not really disturbed by wind or ripples. Anyone know if the SolarPills use the same liquid as HeatSavr?

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