Solar Panels 2x20

To make a long story short. I live in Northern Illinois 9 miles from Beloit Wisconsin. Last year I saw a craiglist ad for 4x20 solar pool panel. I had a coworker who lived near the seller pick it up for me. Anyway the product turned out to be 2x20 and it is for an inground pool. I have been trying to see what the difference in inground panel and above ground panel is. I can't find any info. Will this work for our 24 fot round or should we repost and just sell the panel? thank you in adavance


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Apr 4, 2009
It should work from a plumbing perspective, but realistically you need at least a 4x20 panel with a solar cover or better yet two 4x20 panels. We just went from one 4x20 to two and it is a world of difference. This year we have had no problem maintaining 80+ deg pool water with no aux heat.

A 2x20 should as advertised be good for up to 40k btu...the 4ft wide AGP version (solar bear/fafco) is somewhere around 60-80k btu.