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Donna's Poolboy

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May 29, 2007
I've been reading a few threads about which solar cover works best, and I've decided on trying the clear instead of blue next season. has clear with a silver backing and Leslie's has traditional blue. Where are you guys finding clear and who has the best price? Any suggestions?


Donna's Poolboy

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May 29, 2007
Thanks for the replies.
I'm sure 12 mm is thicker than the one I have currently. Have you noticed a difference in heat retension vs. the traditional blue stlye? (Of course, that assumes you've used the blue kind in the past :wink: )


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May 9, 2007
Taylorsville, MD
yes, most definitely!

although there are many doubters ("any color works, it's just controlling heat loss at night")

I've had the typical blue one (it was even "space age" with silvered diamond shaped bubbles on one side) and this is my second clear cover...I'll never use anything but clear from now on.

The blue heated the first 6 inches of water well, but not much more than that...lots of hot/cold pockets of water for a while...the clear heats much more throughly and to greater depths...

It works wonderfully for me, and they are comparable in cost to any other color.



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May 24, 2007
Staten Island NY
I got the Black Blue Solar Cover from Doheny's Water Wharehouse Doheny's. From my homework, Doheny's appears to be one of the cheapest Co.'s out there for most pool supplies.

Pro's that I will attest to:
-Increases water Temperature
-Maintains water Temperature, i.e. Overnight temperature drop is not significant
-Decreases rate of evaporation tremendously
-Chemicals seem to last longer

-Uneven Heating. 1st foot or so gets extremely hot, after that it is fairly cold. As noted in a previous post in this thread it results in warm & cold spots in the pool which ultimately leads to; "I couldn't control myself" comments.

I'm not sure if these results from other solar covers, but I would say it is probably one of the best investments I made in my pool.

Just be sure to check the thickness (mil) in addition to the price. I went with the 15 figuring I would probably rip the 12.


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May 4, 2007
I ordered from here
I think they are called Leisure Living. Free shipping. I wanted to order the one Mathey has but I couldn't find the link. He has had good results with his. This is my first Solar Cover. One thing for sure, I thought I would be able to put it on/off and fold it up by hand and boy was I wrong especially for a 20x40 pool. I ordered a reel after my first attempt to use it. The good news is now we all have another cover to compare.