Solar Cover & Vinyl

Will I hurt my pool (partly AG vinyl) and / or my solar cover if I leave my solar cover on the spool? It's a real pain to cover and uncover because of where the spool is located. Since it's in the high 80's or more, I'd like to leave the cover off for a few weeks so I can hop in the pool as needed (I work from home a lot!).


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Mar 31, 2008
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Hey, I noticed you hadn't gotten any feedback yet...I don't know about a spool because I don't use one, but I leave my solar cover folded up beside the pool for days at a time when we start our season (until it gets good & hot here, then I store it), and we've not had any problems yet (no major brittleness, etc.). I have read here on TFP that they will 'break down' over the course of a few years, so I won't get an expensive cover...I figure for $100 or so every few years to get the heat retention that these covers provide, it's well worth it.


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Apr 4, 2007
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If it's in direct sunlight, it's best to shade the cover with an opaque protective cover while on the spool to maximize its life. There are extruded solar covers that aren't prone to breakdown from overheating, but normal covers can overheat in direct sunlight, which can break down the bonding between the layers.
Thanks to both of you!

I think I've got some plastic in the garage that may work to cover the solar cover up while it's on the reel. Guess I'll tie it on with some rope or a bungee.