solar cover size, slightly smaller than pool?


Aug 19, 2009
Andover MA
My pool is little larger than 16x32. Shall I choose the solar cover size 16x32?

Is the solar cover supposed to be floating on the water surface? Or should it be larger to cover the coping?

Also, how about the stepping area? Just leave it?


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Jan 11, 2009
Cupertino, CA
The cover should float on the water, and ideally reach the walls on all sides but not drape over the coping. If you have some water still exposed it's no big deal, you're just not getting 100% of the possible benefit (which is mostly reduced evaporation).

Not sure what you mean by 'the stepping area'?


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Apr 15, 2007
West Michigan
Buy the cover the same size as the pool. My solar cover pretty much lays flat on the surface of the water with a bit up one side of the edge. Its perfect when its flat, but we don't usually get it perfectly flat. We didn't cut the cover for around the ladder, it's just kind of is there. The idea of the cover for us is to keep leaves out and temp up at night when we aren't swimming. Wrinkles on covers don't bother us...


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Apr 8, 2007
Waaay NW MN
If you are extremely worried you can buy one larger and cut it but if it is just a small gap here or there, it comes with the territory if you have any air pockets when putting it on.