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Feb 18, 2009
Liberty, SC
Hey to all! I'm not trying to rehash everything on this subject. I have done a LOT of reading and have a few questions. First of all here are my pool particulars.
27 foot pool just got installed last week.
based on "clock positions" my pool looks like this:
deck runs from 5 to 8:30
wedding cake steps at 8
pump, filter, return at 9

I have pillow block bearings and have been considering making a reel similar to Matt 4x4 and NWMNMom ideas. I have seen some that "overhang" the pool and are then lifted off and hung on a fence, etc. Some of these look like they are not home made. Is the width adjustable?

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Jun 22, 2009
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On most "store bought" reels they have two small tubes at the ends that slip into a larger tube in the middle so they can be adjusted for width up to a point. I bought a 28' reel and put it on a 24' pool. It has enough adjustability to fit just fine.


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Apr 2, 2007
Apparently, the 4" Aluminum farm irrigation pipe I used for mine is very difficult to obtain.
Mine is on year 5 or 6 now and aside from a little rust on the fabricated ends it's working just like it did on day 1.

you can build it so it sits across the center of the pool which makes rolling up your cover REALLY easy since it won't bunch up much at all, BUT you will need to devise a way to swing it 90 degrees on one of the uprights and have a 3rd upright to rest the free end on when you are using the pool.

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