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Jul 16, 2021
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Just got the sun2solar reel, have some question about the location of putting it. Our pool is this double roman end with two stairs on the side. What you are looking at is from deep end to shallow end. Shallow end has more space and closer to the garden hose (for cleaning), but deep end has sufficient space too.

Two questions:
1. Our main concern right now is how to clean the cover. Current thinking is to use garden hose to hose it down (away from the pool) while extending it out. We feel that the shallow end would provide more space to do that. Any thoughts?

2. For this shape, looks like I would need to strap/clamp somewhere in the middle for a straight line. Where do you guys think it would be better to clamp, middle (length wise) or say right after the stairs? I have the up to 20 ft reel, and the pool is about 17 ft wide (stairs area add 4 ft in width)

Thanks a lot


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Jul 3, 2013
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I only clean mine once a year and I use dawn dish soap and a hose while it is in the pool.. That is for dust and dirty stuff... I do not get leaves and such so no help there..

As for where to connect I would use the closest to the end where you can get from side to side. One of these spots.. You can just flip the stair portion over the rest of it,, :)


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Apr 10, 2018
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I used a reel at my previous home. My old pool was similar to yours. I ran the reel inline with the skimmer. The clamps create an upward fold in the cover. I took advantage of this fold by raising it up a bit to create a dam that I used to rinse debris into the skimmer. My cover was always clean when I removed it and all the junk on top of the cover didn't end up in the pool.
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