Solar cover reel attachment options


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Apr 3, 2012
Frankfort , Illinois
My pool if 30ft in diameter. Couple years ago I tried the reel to remove my solar cover. But every season the cover will tear right where the strap clips are attached. Is there any other way to attach it without making holes in the cover?

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It's been a while with no replies, so let's try to get you some answers before September get s here. :) Perhaps it would help to know what model cover and reel you are using. Maybe post pic or two as well. Some of our fellow TFP members with a cover might be able to help.


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You can use the plastic clips that pinch the cover, kinda like you pinch your cheek, lol. That 30' cover is heavy
Another option is to use some stainless steel bolts and large diameter fender washers to try to spread the force out more. You could also try to add more straps between the reel and the cover to distribute the weight and reduce the force on each connection point.