solar cover- how long can it be left on?


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Aug 28, 2008
Rochester, NY
Is there any potential issue with leaving solar cover on for more than a couple of days? It looks like it's going to be cool but sunny this upcoming week so i don't foresee us using the pool much. It's also a 2 person job to put on and take off as we don't have room to store a reel, so it's not always convenient to take it off in the mornings because my wife and I are up and leaving for work at different times. Its a blue, opaque cover. Thanks in advance.


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May 16, 2008
Southwest OH
I keep mine on a lot. Mainly to keep the cleaning down to almost none and it definitely keeps me from having to put bleach in every night. I'm on our fourth season with it and am just now noticing it starting to separate and peel in places. I have not been easy on the cover as I've left it in the sun far too many times even when not in use. I think getting at least the four seasons out of it with my abuse is testimony in itself!
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