Solar Cover Holders PVC


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May 16, 2013
Janesville WI
Just wondering if anyone would like to share their PVC contraptions for holding the solar cover and tools regarding an Intex AGP. Gonna buy some PVC tonight to make my own and would like to know what sizes etc worked out for you. Thanks in advance!


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Jun 29, 2013
San Diego, CA
Here is my setup:

I did it all in 1" pvc, a little overkill but they are solid, even when the kids run into them, they don't move! I put some velcro straps under the hose clamps as well.

I found the brush/skimmer holders at home depot, and used some velcro straps to hang them, I'm not even sure what they were originally used for.


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Jun 1, 2015
Hillsboro, NH
My timing was just perfect in reading this idea. Was just about ready to order a commercial solar cover holder. As I work in a hardware store, I figure I'll save about $70.00 by building my own cover holder. Thank you Haco for all of the ideas.
Jun 23, 2014
Central MN
After looking at what you made I decided to have a go... Here is what I cam up with.

I ended up with 2 different sizes because I did just 3 holders the first day thinking that would be enough but it wasn't holding quite right. The next day when I made them I had forgotten that I changed my original measurements. It's OK though because I really like how it works. The PVC is attached with Tie wraps then covered with pool noodles I found that had a large center hole (material is about 1/2 inch thick). The HW store did not have enough end caps so I improvised and used duct tape.

The larger hooks are cut 16", 12" and 14". The 16" length is attached to the pole. The smaller hooks are 14", 10" 12". Honestly it would have been fine to have them all this size. If so I could have gotten 3 hangers out of one 10' length of PVC. Oh and I used 1" PVC. I also did glue mine together with PVC Cement.

I just love how easy it is to pull my cover off all by myself! It takes a few minutes walking back and forth but I can have it off in about 5 minutes. Putting it back on is a bit trickier but I've had help each time and still is about 5 minutes.

I also made cup holders with some spare 3" PVC. I need to make a few adjustments but I'm pretty darn happy with them!

I also found some bungee cords with nice rounded ends to hold my skimmer/vac pole and hoses! No more hauling from the garage!

Thanks all for your awesome ideas!
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