Solar Cover Bubbles Coming Off


Nov 20, 2020
New Jersey
Purchased a solar cover last year. Over the last few weeks the top skin of the air bubbles on the back of the solar cover are just falling off. I stopped putting the solar cover on the pool as every time I reeled the cover off dozens and dozens of the back little round skins fell off and I had to spend much time scooping the skins out of the pool. Any idea for the cause? I believe I paid about $120 for the cover.


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
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They don't last. Buy the cheapest solar cover you can find and expect to replace it regularly.


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Aug 17, 2012
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What was said above... Unfortunately, that $120 cover was probably the cheapest he could find, because a year prior it was most likely sold for $65. Personally, since you are at the end of the season, cut it in managable pieces and start throwing it away. I've had 16 mil, 12 mil and 8 mil covers and they all seem to be done after 2 season.


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Jul 8, 2013
Columbus, Ohio
Solar covers are a consumable item. I threw mine away every 2 - 3 years. However, you can help extend the life. Make sure your water is balanced properly. If you use a reel make sure to cover the rolled up cover when not in use. The sun will bake a cover rolled up on a real. Even if you don't use a reel make sure the cover is out of the sun if its not on the pool. All of this will help extend the life of the solar cover.
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