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May 14, 2007
New Brunswick Canada
Hello Everyone

I just thought I would tell anyone on here who has invested money in solar panels that the extra $300-$400 you would spend on a Solar Controller is easily worth double that. When its sunny out, we all know to turn on our panels, but when its partially cloudy or even haze covered, I would never turn on my panels. When its like that, my controller turns on panels for short periods, getting the lil bit of heat there is in them, then quickly turns them off. On a regular sunny day I can easily gain 10 to 12 degree's, but the best part is, on a cloudy day, when I wouldn't turn on my panels I am gaining 6 degree's.

Who would of figured.

And the cooling effect at nite can be adjusted as well, set pool temp, then let the monitor do all the work.

Up here in Eastern Canada, our July has yet to reach a 30 degree day, I now have my pool at 86.