Solar controllers compatible with variable speed pumps?


Feb 18, 2021
Hi there,

Currently I currently have a 1.65HP single speed WhisperFlo pump plumbed in with an electronic diverter valve controlled by an AquaStar II solar controller. It diverts water to the solar collector panels on the roof when it makes sense to based on my desired heat settings and roof temperature probe readings instead of a fixed time of day.

The current pump is on its way out and I'd like to take the opportunity to go with a variable speed pump, but I am trying to figure out how best to have the solar controller tell the pump to kick into the higher speed setting when heating and back it down again when not.

Does anyone know if the AquaStar II controller can talk to a Pentair or Jandy VS pump to relay the higher speed setting or do the pumps only have set timers? Are there better pump and/or automation controller options I should consider?

Last, I remember early on reliability was an issue with the Pentair VS pumps...have they improved over the years or should I be looking at another line? Thank you!


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Jun 12, 2011
Pentair Intelliflo are considered the gold standard in VS pumps. I’m not familiar with the AquaStar controller, but I’m using an inexpensive Pentair SolarTouch controller, which interfaces perfectly with the Intelliflo. It cost $250-300 and comes as a kit with solar valve, actuator, water and panel temperature sensors. The control box without the full kit can be found for less than $200. The communication cable between pump and controller came With the Intelliflo pump.
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