Solar Blanket Reels


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Jun 24, 2007
Mesa, AZ
Anyone have good luck with any particular type of solar blanket reels? There's literarlly dozens to choose from. I'll need one that has to span a width of 18 ft. and hold a solar blanket 32 ft in total length.


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May 4, 2007
I bought this one ... 020,455001

I have a 20ft wide and a 12 mil blanket. I went with an inexpensive one and is working out good.

They made a design change from what I have. They added more support to the bottom brace which would help with sagging and stability.

To reel the cover it takes 2 people due to the width and my over hanging coping. The edge of the blanket curls so we have to guide it on both sides. Good news it takes less than a minute to roll and I usually recruit one of my two boys (8 and 10) to help.

When I first got the blanket I thought I could roll it up manually and the first time I tried it. I ran inside and ordered the reel. It makes using the blanket bearable.