Softwash roof cleaning and stains?

Mar 25, 2016
Palm Harbor, FL

We live in Central Florida and just had our roof and pool cage cleaned using "softwash" (strong chlorine, "surfactants" and carnauba wax). The roof looks great, as does the cage, but the pool developed brown around the vertical edges, and dark grey streaks on the bottom. Immediately after the softwash, chlorine was too high to register and pool was extremely acid (acid had actually been added to the pool the day before per regular maintenance). Our local pool guy, who is extremely reliable, tried a number of remedies, including oxidizer, metal removal, etc. The brown stuff, ostensibly iron, came out, but the greyish black streaks are unchanged. Any idea what this could be from and how to fix it? Has anyone else had this issue? We also had several plants killed, which we know is from the chlorine.

Thanks for any help you might give.