Softub worked for 3 days then stopped


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Oct 10, 2021
So we plugged in our softub last week and it brought the cold water up to 104 and everything was fine then all of a sudden we went in and the jets would no longer work. The heat light was on but the jets dont work for heating or even at all if we turn the knob. So it will work if i unplug for an hour or so but then stops again after about an hour. Have checked the electrical and that seems to all be good im starting to think either the motor is overheating or i just need a new one i have no other ideas i have unplugged and plugged in probably 10 times and even disassembled the unit today to not find any debris noticeable issues with the panel . Everything else works except for the jets so the hot tub is progressively getting colder now and not sure how i should proceed. Thanks for your help


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Oct 20, 2017
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Since it’s new I’d contact the manufacturer about it.

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