Sodium DiChlor to raise Cyanuric acid


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Jun 3, 2011
Hi folks, I'm coming off my first winter in the Seattle Area after switching to Bleach last summer. Before that, I used to use the Skimmer Sticks from the local Pool Store.

CYA was thru the roof a year ago. After a bunch of dilution and a SLAM, the pool is beautiful.

My situation now is the CYA is low - probably below 20. I ran sticks over the winter that I had left to keep the CYA from falling too much (We have had 47 inches of rain since October 1st 2016, so LOTS of lowering the pool).

Anyways, I have like 20 or more pounds of Leslie's Chlor-Brite left from when I used in the pool, and of course it has CYA in it.

Anyone know how much CYA per pound of stabilized Sodium DiChlor? Or is there another way to calculate it?

I also have a couple of pounds of HTH brand CYA in powdered form the local Ace Hardware gave me, if that is a better way to go. Instructions on it say to add it directly to the skimmer...

Kind of ironic I'm having to add CYA, after all the money (in water fees) I spent lowering it :D




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May 19, 2010
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Fire up poolmath and at the bottom you can enter dichlor in the effects of adding pool chemicals and see exactly how much cya and FC it will add to your pool.


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Jul 19, 2013
Bay Area, CA
Using Pool Math, down at the bottom you'll see "Effects of adding chemicals". Plugged in 21K gallon pool, and 16 oz of dichlor nets 3.2 PPM of FC, and 2.9 PPM of CYA.

BTW -- Even though I have a SWG, I use trichlor tabs (sparingly) as a supplemental chlorination when I don't want to run the pump much (i.e. winter time) and also as a supplemental CYA addition to ward off the oxidation of CYA.