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May 28, 2020
Seriously, is it ever going to stop raining in Georgia? It feels like non-stop storms for the last month. I have had to empty a couple inches out of my pool a week. Should I be testing and fighting the dilution the rain is causing or just wait till we get more stable weather? I don’t want to waste chemicals just to have the pool fill with rain and have to backwash it all out.

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With all the rains, you do want to try and keep it chlorinated. It may not be perfect, and yes some chlorine will go out, but between downpours try to keep the FC from dropping below the minimum for your CYA.. See FC/CYA Chart. You're just trying to avoid an algae bloom if possible. The other items can wait until the weather breaks. With lots of water overflow, you might see the CYA to drop a little as well.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Grumpy, I try to get out there before 2pm cause around our area it starts to gray over and rain every afternoon/evening. Skippy's even had to drain some water out like 3X already this month!

Anyone need some rain? Georgia's got it!



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Jun 29, 2016
Tampa, FL
Your southern neighbors are right there with you. You should have seen me outside yesterday, holding on to a flimsy umbrella as the monsoon swept in, trying to bump my SWG up a notch.

I’m testing CYA more frequently than usual, due to all the overflow, and I have LC on standby in case SWG needs help.