so, i got my test kit in the mail.

Mar 28, 2016
San Diego, CA
Right. Hi all. Numbers first (2006 test kit):

CYA: 100-ish
CH: this is actually one of the reasons I am posting. So from pink to *purple* I get 650-ish. From pink to purple to actual blue - 800. Which wouldnt surprise me since my pool and spa have these.. I dont know. While MOLES, like in Austin Powers. Moles. They are large enough to cast shadows. Yeah. I read the booklet, there's a thing about purple and how to deal with it - still I get the same result, 800. Now - other than dumping water, what else can I do here? SoCal, drought, you get the point. I mean, I will drain if I have to, I just would really like to avoid that.
PH: 7.2
TA: 150
FC and friends. Now this might look very familiar to folks here - I hope. I cannot get the pink water to turn clear. Seventy drops! In a 10ml sample! Horizontally held bottle, swirling like a mad man. Yes, I did dump a gallon of bleach into my 30k gallon pool two days ago. Is that related? What. The. What. What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you.


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May 19, 2010
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Call Taylor. They had a bad batch of FAS-DPD reagents go out recently with the same symptom.

Only 2 ways to lower the CH, replace with water with less calcium in it, or, pay $$ for a commercial reverse osmosis treatment. The same is true for your CYA that is also too high.

Also, the bottle should be vertical when adding drops. Always add drops until the last one has no color affect and then don't count the last drop.


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Jun 12, 2009
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Call Taylor. They had a bad batch of FAS-DPD reagents go out recently with the same symptom.
This has popped up a couple of times recently with K-2006 kits. Check the lot number of your R-0871 bottle, is it from lot B1067? If it isn't, what is the lot number and expiration date on the bottle?