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Jul 26, 2019
Lampasas, Texas
I am a stay @ home mom & wife that loves her life!!! I am blessed in many ways except with the pool chemicals!! 🤪 I am an owner of a 25k gallon, vinyl pool that with a sand filter!! Super easy, no brainer filer system, however, I fight the chemicals & algae all the time!! I am on well water w/out a softener!! We do have 1 dog that takes a daily lap in the pool but that is truly the only one that utilizes it!!! My test kit is a 3way & only test pH, Chlorine & Bromine!! The chlorine & ph are both off the chart!! I am think about using muratic acid to lower ph because I already tried the granular pH Minus with no results. I do have a small amount of algae that continues to show-up a couple of days lafter brushing it!!! Any help u can offer is greatly appreciated!! Thank you for your time & have a blessed day!! 😊


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Sorry to hear of your pool woes. It all starts with testing. You need to get a good test kit that can measure pH, FC, CC, TA, CH, and CYA. I recommed the TF-100 from TFTestkits. Don't let sticker shock set in. I've never seen anyone that has regretted getting the kit.
Your algae issue is due to low chlorine for your CYA. I know you say chlorine is off the charts high, but it probably isn't high enough. That's why you need a test for CYA. The TF-100 kit will help you measure it. If you use chlorine tabs in the pool, the CYA is probably very high.

You should use muriatic acid to lower your pH. But in order to know how much acid to add, you need to know your TA.

While you are waiting for the test kit to be delivered, you can add a gallon of 6% bleach to your pool. Thats regular bleach from your favorite grocery store. Non-scented, not splashless, not Chlorox brand. And continue to brush daily.
Once you get your kit, run a full set of tests and post them here and we can offer more advice.


Lots of abbreviations and these can be read about in ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
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