snow/ice accumulation on cover


Jul 17, 2017
Chester Springs
I'm in the NE and this year unlike recent years, we're getting frequent snow and ice buildup. I usually brush the snow off as it is coming down, not waiting for it to get too deep on top of my solid cover. Of course this year have not kept up with it and now have a couple rips in the cover.

I have a feeling I left the water level too low this year for one thing, but can't even look because there's over a foot of snow and ice all around the perimeter now.

Just thinking of easier alternatives. Has anyone tried gently heating the water using a portable pump and some sort of heater? Not to run continuously but start it before a snow or ice event was thinking that heat would rise and allow the snow to melt and the pump to operate for a while. Even if I could get it to 33 or 34 deg. Dumb idea?


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
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Yes, dumb idea.
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