Small white particles floating


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Sep 18, 2016
Tampa, FL
I returned to my pool after Irma to some debris and algae. Worked my way through the SLAM process and now the water is clear.
I keep finding on the surface some extremely small particles that appear "hard" as per picture. They are so small that my skimming net wouldn't pick them up.white part1.jpgwhite part2.jpg
I read some reports that white "material" might be dead algae but wouldn't they be soft and mushy? :)

Please take a look at the picture.


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May 22, 2013
Hudson, WI
Test results would be good.

If you survived Irma it might just be something carried by the wind and dropped in your pool. If you use a skimmer sock for a couple weeks it should filter out any foreign matter. If it's still there in a couple weeks then we might need to revisit it.


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Sep 18, 2016
Tampa, FL
Thank you, this is the latest pre SLAMMING.

FC: 7.5
Ph: 8 (I since corrected it)
TA: 110
CH: 250
CYA: 60

Two questions: Based on pictures, could they be dead/white algae?
Could they be the residue of Calcium Chloride I added weeks ago?



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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
Do you know anyone with a 10X magnifier? Have a close look at it and it will be obvious if it is biological. If not bio then perhaps mineral so collect some of the flakes and attempt to dissolve them with an mild acidic solution of distilled water. If they dissolve then test the solution (with flakes and without) for CH with your test kit. If they don't dissolve then it's probably something inert that found its way into your water.
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