Small rust stains in the pebble


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Aug 17, 2009
Our neighbor who has the same Stonescapes mini pebble as we do, is seeing a couple of small rust stains forming on their baja shelf (Ranging from the size of an eraser to the size of a dime). It is not rebar as the shelf was blown with pure shotcrete. I told them Id post the question on this great website. My guess is that a few small pieces of metal might have gotten into the pebble. What could it be and is there a easy way to fix the issue?


The "problem" with the "knock-off" Pebble products is that they do not run a magnet through their stone to detect/remove any metal (iron) from the material. PebbleTec learned this early on, but some of the others still have not figured it out. Unfortunately, it is pretty common, and since the other companies do not hold their installers to any standards (they will sell the product to pretty much anyone), there is no recourse.

I hate to hear this stuff, but I am aware that it happens. I don't understand why a pool builder would build a beautiful pool and compromise on the finish :evil: Nobody sees any of the structure, but everyone sees the finished product! Why not use the best finish and not have to answer to problems like this?


There are "repair kits" available, and they should match relatively well (if you know where they are you will always see them though!).

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